We Build Pools and Spas

Since 2004, Rocky Mountain Pools & Spas has met the growing demand for new pool and spas in Western Montana, and we continue to expand our services and expertise.

Repairs and Renovations

Our service team has repaired everything from a pool that was leaking 30,000 gallons a month to a fiberglass pool that floated out of the ground from high ground water.

From simple replasters to structural shell repairs we can meet the needs for your projects. We have repaired major failures such as shell fractures to locating underground pipes that have failed. There are many innovative solutions and the tried and true methods. For a complete analysis of your pools needs and recommended solutions give us a call.

Call us today to get a bid on your pool or spa installation, renovation or repair, 406-257-7665


Applying white plaster to the steps of a custom gunite pool.


This coping should have been replaced with cast in place or pre-castcoping to enhance the visual appeal of the pool. The overall renovations can be scheduled in portions or all done at one time.


This a small motel spa that has been replastered. The coping on the edge should have been replaced but was beyond budget for the year.


The Rocky Mountain team can handle major structural overhauls.


We have repaired major failures, such as shell fractures and underground pipes that have failed.


At the time of major renovations we can add features to make the pools and spas more ECO friendly. We have a large list of options to reduce the operating costs and enhance the ease of operating your system, and we can discuss the pros and cons of the technology that is available.


Here is a fiberglass pool that has “floated” from the ground water being too high. We lifted the pool out of the ground and reset it to the original height. The pool contractor had not taken into consideration the location when designing the installation. This can happen to gunite pools as well as fiberglass – only the pool is probably not repairable with gunite installations.